Shedding Light on the Adoption Experience, VI

An Educational Conference about Realities: The Lifelong Effects of Adoption and the Need for Family Preservation

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Hotel Information

Our hospitality hotel is The Park Central

Map of area surrounding Park Central Hotel

The Park Central is expensive so we have found the following really Cheap Sleeps:

amsterdam inn
central park hostel
ny inns
hi new york
Vacation Rentals

Craigs list Look under New York City, Manhattan sublets. There are lots of temporary apts. as well as rooms for alot less than hotels in NYC. Even if folks stay on the East Side, it's very easy to get across town for the conference.

In addition, Fromer's Hotel List offers many inexpensive alternatives

Fromer's Dining Guide has restaurants listed by price and neighborhood

City Maps
When the map appears, left click anywhere on the map and it will zoom to a readable size

  ** We would like to suggest that you use terms such as "mother," "natural mother," or "first mother" (other examples are "parent," 'first father," "natural family," etc.) in presentations, as opposed to using "birth" prefixes. (An increasing number of mothers of adoption loss and adoptees experience this prefix as offensive and oppressive). Thank you!