Shedding Light on the Adoption Experience, VI

An Educational Conference about Realities: The Lifelong Effects of Adoption and the Need for Family Preservation

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Friday    Sept 24   1:30 - 2:50 pm

Nancy Verrier

Keynote 200 
Nancy Verrier, MA, Psychologist, Adoptive Mother
Awareness, Authenticity and Accountability

This talk will begin with a short synopsis of separation trauma and how it affects the neurological system. This is necessary to the understanding of why change is so difficult. We will then transition into suggestions about how to make changes that positively affect important relationships. Awareness is important, especially for adoptees, who can’t remember the trauma which changed their lives and informed their feelings, attitudes, and behaviors. All members of the triad have had their lives changed by adoption and need to find a more authentic way to live, at the same time being accountable for the way they affect others. Part of this is challenging core beliefs and doing a reality check. All relationships, including reunions, can then go in a healthier direction..

Key to Symbols:  A-1st Parent Realities, C- On Being Adopted, E - Search Ethics, F-Support Issues,  G - Healing Concepts,  H - Clinically Speaking, I- The Road Ahead, J - Other, S- Self Help

200 Series         Friday 3:10 - 4:30pm
Nancy Verrier. Mother, Author, MHP
C,S Awareness, Authenticity and Accoutability: Follow up to her keynote


Betty Jean Lifton, MHP & Nicole Burton. Adoptees & Authors.
Carol Schaefer, Mother and Author

Memoir: Reunion's Final Frontier: Three memoir writers discuss the complexity and rewards of publishing true stories of adoption from the adopted person's  and mother's perspective.

203 Joe Soll, Adoptee, Author, MHP
GHS Adoption Healing... a path to recovery:  A model for healing the wounds of the separation of mother and child

204 Leslie Wagner, Mother, MHP - Graig Moriarity Adoptee, MHP
G A Realized Relationship: Risks & Rewards (in that order!):  Clarifying wants,   expectations and barriers to communicating within search and  reunion relationships.

205 David Kirschner, Author, MHP
C, H Adoption Forensics: Adoptees and the Criminal Justice System: Identity Issues of "Splitting," Self/Parental Image Confusion and Clinical Dissociation in 20 High Profile Cases.

206 Debra Baker, Mother, Filmmaker
E, S
Ready or Not? Search and Reunion Before, During and After: Viewing of presenter's documentary "Lost and Found", about her search and reunion with  the son she relinquished thirty years before; audience discussion.

207  Cancelled

Antony Gleeson, MHP, Australia
Adoption, Trauma and the Group: This paper considers to effects of 'trauma' on the life and  progress of 3 adoption support groups for adult adoptees in Sydney.

** We would like to suggest that you use terms such as "mother," "natural mother," or "first mother" (other examples are "parent," 'first father," "natural family," etc.) in presentations, as opposed to using "birth" prefixes. (An increasing number of mothers of adoption loss and adoptees experience this prefix as offensive and oppressive). Thank you!

9:00 pm - Midnight

Hospitality Party - Park Central  (Room TBA)