Shedding Light on the Adoption Experience, VI

An Educational Conference about Realities: The Lifelong Effects of Adoption and the Need for Family Preservation

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Saturday    Sept 25   9:00 - 10:15 am

Lesliie Wagner

Keynote 300 
Leslie Wagner, MHP, Mother
Dancing with Demons: The devastation of losing a baby to adoption... the process of surrender. search and reunion.

The devastating aftermath of losing a baby to adoption based on my working as a therapist within the adoption community for over decade and my own personal experience as a mother of adoption loss.

Key to Symbols:  A-1st Parent Realities, C- On Being Adopted, E - Search Ethics, F-Support Issues,  G - Healing Concepts,  H - Clinically Speaking, I- The Road Ahead, J - Other, S- Self Help

300 Series       Saturday 10:30 - 11:45 am
301 Leslie Pate MacKinnon, Mother, MHP & Denise Carroll, Adoptee
F,S This Must Be Love: Presentation on Genetic Attraction and how it is finally emerging into public view.  A first  hand account of  'genetic attraction' will be shared.   Will close with the explosive  implications for today's reproductive technology

302 Joe Soll, Adoptee, Author, MHP
C,H The separation of mother and child... the profound effects on both

303 Jean Provance, Adoptee, MHP
BGH Grieving the Unresolved:  An overview of dealing with the after effects of adoption loss and issues that arise such as unresolved grief and how to handle them.

304  Cancelled

305 Nancy Nicholson, Adoptee
C, S The Adoptee and the Virgin Birth - A Paradox :Many forms of fundamental Christianity are opposed to open records..A look at the psycho-spiritual effects of alienation resulting from non-disclosure. Why support of open records would be a truer expression of love and faith

306 Deb Blanchard, Mother, Educator
The First Time Contact;  Is It Important?  Oh my, YES! :How you make that initial contact will  determine how successful the reunion will be. 

307 Dianna Peterson Huszar, Mother
AS Call me "Grand Mother.": We will explore the experience of grand parenting after adoption.

Rabekah Scott Heart, Adoptee
GS Soul Revival for Adoptees - The Inner Re-union: We can move beyond the coping person-ality, re-unite with, and be  guided by our inner being, to live an authentic and joyful life.

309 Zara Phillips, Adoptee, Filmmaker, Singer
C, S
A screening of the documentry 'Roots Unknown'  A discussion of will dissuss ter story and how  the film was made,then Q and A

** We would like to suggest that you use terms such as "mother," "natural mother," or "first mother" (other examples are "parent," 'first father," "natural family," etc.) in presentations, as opposed to using "birth" prefixes. (An increasing number of mothers of adoption loss and adoptees experience this prefix as offensive and oppressive). Thank you!

11:45  - 12:45 pm       Lunch