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About Authors
Lori Paris was born and raised in Southern California and attended the University of California at Santa Barbara.  Lori is an adoptee who has been in reunion with her original parents for almost twenty years.  Her first novel, Follow Your Heart, was published in 2002. The book is loosely based on some of the experiences Lori had while searching for and reuniting with her original parents.   She felt compelled to write about it, fictionalizing the story and characters.
     Lori is also actively involved in an adoptee support group and enjoys communicating with other adoptees online.  She has appeared on local television and radio, and has been the subject of a number of newspaper articles.  Lori’s web site,,  features a number of articles she’s written about search  & reunion.
Joe Soll, L.C.S.W., author of Adoption Healing...a path to recovery is a psycho- therapist in private practice and an adopted person who was sold on the black market.  Adoption Healing ranks in the top 5% of book sales on   He is also the co-author of Adoption Healing…  the path to recovery for mothers who lost children to adoption with Karen Wilson Buterbaugh.
     He is the director and founder of Adoption Crossroads, a non-profit organization that helps reunite and give support to those separated by  adoption.  Joe has appeared on radio and television more than 300 times, and has given more than 130 lectures on adoption all over the world.  Joe lives and works in Congers, NY.