12th Annual March on Washington
for Civil Rights in Adoption
                     July 28, 2001


Led by Adoption Crossroads president, Joe Soll, C.S.W,, author of "Adoption Healing ... A Path to Recovery" and protesting "baby selling" and other abuses, Adoption Crossroads launches the 12th March on Washington for Civil Rights in Adoption. a demonstration and rally calling for access to birth records and other changes in adoption laws.

Bound in chains, many blindfolded to demonstrate abuses suffered under sealed birth records, hundreds of adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, adoption professionals from throughout the country begin at 11:00AM Saturday, July 28. Marchers parade from Capitol Reflecting Pool, across the Mall to the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool for a Speak Out & Rally at NOON.

The annual $1.53 billion dollar baby selling business is the real reason behind closed records......Not privacy. It is time the government and the public at large become aware of this violation of human rights.

EVENT:      Demonstration & RALLY for Adoption Reform by Adoption Crossroads

DATE:        Saturday, July 28, 2001

TIME:        11:00 AM Marchers parade from the west side of the Capitol Reflecting Pool
                 to Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool.
                 Noon - 3:00PM Speak Out & Rally for ADOPTION REFORM.

LOCATION: Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool.

 MARCH:    Marchers walk across the mall from the west side of the Capitol Reflecting Pool to
                  the Lincoln Memorial where they will unfurl a "Missing in Adoption Quilt", prior to
                  holding a memorial ceremony for those whose loved ones are missing in adoption.

CONTACT: Joe Soll, CSW, Director, Adoption Crossroads
                  845-268-0283, March Headquarters (prior to July 13, 2000)
                  914-420-4880, Portable Phone with Marchers on July 28th 
                  202-638-1616, March Headquarters (July 13-16th, Holiday Inn Capitol Hill)

Adoption Crossroads, with 470+ affiliate organizations world-wide representing over 500,000 individuals, is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting changes in adoption laws, policies and attitudes so that full access to information is available to all those whose lives are affected by adoption.

Adoption Crossroads, 74 Lakewood Drive, Congers, NY 10920

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