I attended one of Joe Soll's Healing Weekends that he facilitates for first mothers and adoptees. What an EXTRAORDINARY healing experience this has been for me as a mother!  We have no support groups here where I live in the rural Midwest area and I think that I have read every volume of book on adoption and reunion that is available in our local library. I also have ordered and read numerous adoption, reunion books that have been recommended by this wonderful site of the RBM and Joe Soll's site on the Internet, since my own wonderful reunion with my daughter some 18 months ago. (She was placed for adoption on August 23, 1968.)

    I just want to tell ALL of you that if you ever get the opportunity to attend one of his very affordable healing weekends/sessions in the New York City area or other occasional areas that he has: PLEASE DO IT!   For me, each session was like peeling back the layers of an onion to get to the core.  This has been the best gift that I have given to myself since I placed my baby for adoption so many years ago. (I had A LOT of unresolved grief and guilt issues and I have also been plagued with low self-esteem since that time.) Also, if any of you have not read his book "Adoption Healing....a path to recovery," I highly recommend this book! It is just as much about a birthmother's emotional pain, anger and sadness as it is about adoptees.  I cannot extol enough praises for Joe's gentle compassion and genuine caring when he was leading us through the intense healing sessions!

    We all (2 moms & 5 adoptees) became a very a very close-knit group sharing our meals and waking hours together. (By the way, Joe is a very gracious host and a very good cook!)  We ALL shed lots of tears and shared lots of hugs when we all said our good-byes to each other when we departed for our homes.  I miss them all so much as I am emailing this message to you wonderful ladies. So I urge you or your children to attend any of his healing sessions. If you want to read more about Joe Soll and his Healing Weekends just go to his site www.adoptioncrossroads.org and click on the "Healing Weekends"...and don't hesitate.  I will be forever grateful to Joe Soll (and his commitment to the healing the deep wounds that placing a child for adoption inflicts on all of us). And I mean this with EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART AND EVERY BREATH THAT I HAVE WITHIN ME!  THANK YOU JOE!


Jeanne from WI


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